Our company is a reseller of torque products. In our offer you will find a complete assortment of products: wedge belt, toothed belt, flat belts. To ensure the high quality and extremely long life of the straps, we offer belts of worldwide well known brands such as GATES and OPTIBELT. For simpler applications, we can also provide low-priced belts such as RUBENA. We also offer belt-related components - such as pulleys, clamping housings, clutches and measuring and belt tensioners.

Our goal is to help the customer find the optimal solution for every application. We offer technical advice to help the customer find the most appropriate solution to their problem. We offer training courses for maintenance teams, technical staff - which increase their knowledge of assembly and disassembly.

We also offer our customers a belt gearing diagnosis with which we can monitor the technical condition of their devices and maximize the lifetime of their belt gearings, so we can reduce the amount of unplanned outages in the production..

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