Complete technical solutions based on customer requirements. Measurement and diagnostics of machinery such as vibration, speed, temperature measurement. Measuring and adjusting belt tensioning / alignment and strap tensioning. We also offer specification of parts, various types of equipment maintenance training.

Metal production

We offer custom machining of metals, which we provide on a wide range of machine tools. We guarantee high quality in machining simpler and even more demanding and complicated parts.

Piece production

Our specialization is piece production of parts according to drawing documentation or pattern. Manufacture of shafts, sprockets, gears, piston rods and other parts.

Production of conveyors

Our company offers custom production of various types of conveyors and dedicated machines tailored to the customer's requirements. We offer roller conveyors, disc conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, rail conveyors, hand manipulators, portal manipulators, packaging systems.

We offer tailor-made solutions from design through manufacturing to installation.

In this area, we cooperate with designers with years of experience.

Delivery terms

Our goal is to deliver the work to the customer at the required time. To achieve this goal, we can ensure express production and transport directly to the customer. We offer our clients the possibility of overlaying the goods and the possibility to build a consignment warehouse directly at the customer. We also offer a 24-hour service.


This area of our business ensures that our customer has complete technical support to solve operational problems.

Technical support

We are ready to map the client's technical problem. When looking for the most appropriate solution, we rely on our many years of experience. Our goal is to find the best solution tailored for the customer.

Training activities

In order to achieve the highest possible life and reliability, the purchased product should be properly assembled. That is why we offer training courses for maintenance and construction teams on these topics.

Device diagnostics

Performs the techniques of our company alone or in the presence of a customer maintenance team. It informs the plant operator of the actual technical state of its technology and prevents unexpected outages in production due to the sudden failure of one of the components. In particular, it is the diagnostics of bearings, gearboxes and other drives in the form of vibration diagnostics. Setting up and spinning belt shifts.